Dental Specialists? What are they?

Posted On SEPTEMBER 10, 2015 in GENERAL NEWS


Did you know that there are about 1600 dental specialists in Australia and New Zealand?

Unfortunately many patients don't even know that dental specialists exist. Did you know there are 13 dental specialties and each specialty focuses on a specific area of oral care.

Do you know the different types of dental specialist and what they do? You've no doubt heard of Orthodontists but what about the others?

Is there a reason you should see a dental specialist?

Dental specialists undergo a further three years of full time study. This is on top of the 6 years it takes to become a dentist. This extra training makes them experts in their chosen field. Your primary care dentist may refer you to a specialist. Specialists tend to treat and manage challenging, intricate and complex cases.

Think about seeing a specialist if you are considering extensive and expensive dental treatment. You only have one set of teeth and they play an important role in your life.

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