Your First Appointment

The first appointment with your Prosthodontist is the most important appointment. It lays the foundation for a great dental result. We are fortunate to live in an exciting time in dentistry. Today, we have access to cutting edge information, knowledge and new digital technologies. Computer based design programs, dental lasers, dental implants and CAT Scan X-rays are just some of the technologies available to today's patients. These technologies are incredibly useful, but navigating these choices can be difficult and daunting. We need to make careful choices to ensure great patient outcomes.

Understanding YOU, the patient, is the first critical step towards choosing the correct treatment. Every patient presents with a unique and particular dental situation. Understanding that situation is the purpose of your first visit.

Prosthodontists are 'the specialists' in the diagnosis, restoration and replacement of missing or damaged teeth. They are the 'true' functional and smile specialists. Their specialty training focuses on managing complicated cases. The single most important gift your Prosthodontist can give you, is his TIME. Time allows for a COMPREHENSIVE and THOROUGH EXAMINATION and PATIENT EVALUATION.

Most new prosthodontic patients benefit from an extended comprehensive evaluation. This allows the Prosthodontist to thoroughly examine the patient, look at, in detail, all the systems and related factors that make up the patient's current clinical presentation. Most importantly, the aim of the initial examination and consultation is to uncover all the factors important to the patient's case and to understand you - the patient.

A comprehensive evaluation includes:

  • A COMPLETE RADIOGRAPHIC SURVEY including updated Full Mouth Series(FMS) with Bite-Wings(BWs) and a Panoramic Radiograph(OPG).
  • A COMPLETE EXTRA AND INTRA-ORAL hard and soft tissue exam including a cancer examination.
  • A COMPLETE AESTHETIC (COSMETIC) EVALUATION of your dental and facial structures, tooth colour, tooth position and arrangement, tooth profiles, aesthetic gum position and symmetry and how the current conditions or anticipated changes will integrate with a healthy biologic, functional and phonetic outcome.
  • A COMPLETE RESTORATIVE (YOUR EXISTING FILLINGS AND CROWNS) EVALUATION that looks at all the existing dental fillings, crowns, bridges, removable dentures, implant restorations and porcelain cosmetic fillings, crowns and veneers to determine if they are in good condition.
  • A TEMPORO-MANDIBULAR(TM) JAW JOINT EVALUATION to screen and discuss how the TM jaw joint may effect your treatment. This includes a thorough muscle, joint and occlusal examination.
  • A COMPLETE OCCLUSAL ANALYSIS of how your teeth meet and function. This includes the evaluation of wear patterns on your teeth and the influence of your neuro-muscular programming that dictates how you function. This function and parafunction (clenching and grinding) can profoundly influence your existing presentation AND is absolutely necessary to understand when planning any type of restorative dentistry.
  • A COMPLETE PERIODONTAL EVALUATION that evaluates pockets, tooth mobilities, gum recession, tissue biotypes, furcation involvements and the relationship between your existing dental work and your gum and bone biology.
  • STUDY CASTS and a functional bite recording to allow the evaluation of the relationships and positions of your teeth and bite in the laboratory.

The prosthodontist will collect all the information evaluate it thoroughly. They will then develop a plan to address your concerns and need and present this to you for consideration.

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