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Did you know that there are about 1600 dental specialists in Australia and New Zealand? Unfortunately, many patients don't even know dental specialists exist. There are 13 dental specialties , each focusing on a specific area of oral care. You've no doubt heard of Orthodontists but what about the others? What reasons would you have to visit a dental specialist? In addition to their basic dental degree, dental specialists have achieved a higher degree in their chosen field . This makes them experts in this aspect of Dentistry. Your general dentist may refer you to one, or you may wish to see one for an opinion regarding your problem. Specialists tend to manage more challenging and complex cases, although this is not always the case. Think about seeing a specialist if you are considering extensive and expensive dental treatment.

What is Specialist Registration?

Specialist registration may be granted if you meet the eligibility and qualifications requirements set out in sections 57 and 58 of the National Law and any registration standards issued by the National Board.

Click the link below to view the most common questions and an overview of the regulations associated with specialist dental registration. 

Specialist Registration FAQ

Is my Dentist a Specialist?

It can be difficult to understand what qualifications a dentist has, mean. Are they a specialist? You can check your dentist's credentials by visiting the AHPRA website and entering your dentist's name in the search window. 

AHPRA Register