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The first appointment with your Prosthodontist is the most important. It lays the foundation for a great dental result. We are fortunate to live in an exciting time in dentistry. Today, we have access to cutting edge knowledge and new technology. Computer-aided design, lasers, dental implants and CAT scan x-rays are some of the technologies available. While they are useful, they are only a means to an end in achieving a satisfactory outcome.

Every patient presents a unique dental situation and a bespoke solution is required. Understanding YOUR needs are the first critical steps, in formulating the most appropriate treatment plan. 

Prosthodontists are specialists in diagnosis, restoration and  replacement of missing or damaged teeth. They are the 'original' smile designers. Their training focuses on managing  complicated cases. A Prosthodontist will give you the time needed for a comprehensive examination and evaluation.

Evaluation may include:

  • Your medical and dental history;
  • X-rays;
  • Examination of the hard and soft tissue, including a cancer examination;
  • A cosmetic evaluation of your face and teeth including, colour, tooth position and arrangement of your teeth;
  • Examination of existing restorations such as, dental fillings, crowns,  bridges, dentures etc.,  to determine if they are in good condition;
  • Examination of the jaw joints to screen and discuss  how they may affect your treatment;
  • Examination of your bite (occlusion);
  • Examination of your gums to identify pockets, recession and mobility of the teeth;
  • Photos;
  • Study impressions or digital scans to evaluate the relationship and position of your teeth in the  laboratory

When completed, further information may be required and you may need to attend for a second consultation. Once the Prosthodontist has all this information, a definitive plan or plans can be formulated. Several options are often presented to you.